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Session #10

You mean this kobold king?

Sneaking thru the darkness, the PCs came across the kobolds’ arena, where three hapless slaves were pitted against a basilisk in pitch darkness. Overseeing the festivities was the Kobold King himself, along with his Kobold Wizard. As the PCs circled the arena and debated on their course of action, they saw Giliana the elf (Kirito’s former adventuring companion) dragged before the Kobold King by kobold commandos. Quickly conferring, the brave heroes figured their cover was blown and decided to stage a full-on assault…was it for the magic items held by the Kobold King and Wizard? was it to free Giliana and the slaves? was it simply because they were tired of being sneaky? Whatever their reasons, the party decided to take on the entire mass of kobolds, and Zolar led the assault.

While the kobold rank-and-file proved no match to the PCs, the magical prowess of the Kobold Wizard and the deviousness of the kobold commandos proved quite lethal. The already depleted party felt their resources strained to the max. Zolar engaged the Kobold Wizard in another epic mage hand duel for control over the Grimoire Astralus, the ancient spellbook which once belonged to Zolar’s past incarnation…ultimately Zolar won, and though the Kobold Wizard evaded Zolar’s wrath with a cunning mirror image, Miri was not fooled by the Kobold Wizard’s shadow magic and crushed him flat with a well-placed flail strike.

Meanwhile, Tristan had flown as a bat to the balcony where the Kobold King was and found it swarming with kobold commandos (which weren’t visible until Tristan activated his sunrod in the midst of them. Soon, the vampire-cavalier was standing atop a mound of kobold corpses, hewing away with ferocity despite countless wounds and javelin heads broken off in his armor. The backup that his party had promised him, however, was not forthcoming.

Kirito and Ardell, trapped in black tentacles summoned by the Kobold Wizard, were immobilized or engaged in bloody close combat with kobold minions for most of the fight.

Lily fried the basilisk then directed her baleful magic against scores of kobolds, who fell to arcs of lightning and blasts of frost. When the kobolds unleashed an enormous carrion crawler into the arena, the carrion crawler killed several kobolds and one of the slaves before grappling Tristan and Vitejie. Just then the damaged arena floor gave way and the carrion crawler began to fall. Thinking fast, Lily phased thru the earth to sever the carrion crawler’s tentacles with a blast of lightning and ice, and as Tristan and Vitejie were released, a blast of scintillating water shoved them against the sides of the arena wall, where they clung for dear life.

The battle was won and the Kobold King was routed. Raphael, who’d been squeezing thru tight passages with Crusher, his pet kobold, realized what was happening, and emerged on the scene to slaughter the Kobold King’s entourage and in the chaos one of the King’s minions shot the King in the back with an arrow, killing him. Raphael, being a bard, certainly embellished the circumstances of the Kobold King’s death in the re-telling.

However, as Raphael was busy killing the Kobold King, Crusher scurried off down the narrow passage they’d emerged from to plot his kobold-y revenge…


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