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Session #14

Dragon Mountain epilogue

As the old red dragon Infyrana died, she began to discorporate, her essence merging with Dragon Mountain in a rare event mages call “environmental diffusion.” Lily realized she could absorb the dragon’s elemental energy to prevent the lair’s collapse; boldly stepping forward she touched the now insubstantial burning body of Infyrana and was consumed in flames. Seconds later, Lily emerged with cinders floating around her. Infyrana’s corpse fell to the cavern floor. The party had emerged victorious!

Many kobolds soon emerged to witness the death of their master Infyrana. Crusher uneasily approached Raphael to discuss the matters of his kingship, to which Raphael readily suggested Crusher use the Gold-Cursed Crown as a decoy. Pleased with this, Crusher warned Raphael that there was one group of kobolds – Clan Wyrmguard – who remained loyal to Infyrana and would seek retribution against the party, for Crusher had provided a decoy to prevent them from joining the fight. Raphael advised Crusher to turn as many of Clan Wyrmguard into golden statues as possible and then return. Crusher nodded sagely and trotted off.

Raphael found a magic mirror filled with grey mist. Touching the mirror, Raphael activated it and in a flash of light a githyanki’s image materialized, “Ah Majestic Infyrana…this is a new form I take it?” The githyanki inquired archily.
Surprised, Raphael tried to bluff, “You know, I got tired of being an old bag.”
Not convinced, the githyanki switched to speaking in Draconic, and when it was clear Raphael did not understand, the githyanki waved his hand with a snarl and the mirror went grey again. Raphael and the rest of the party exchanged some ideas of what this could mean.

As Miri and Kirito loaded treasure into backpacks and on to pack beetles lent by Crusher, Zolar seemed perplexed. “We are in a state of planar flux. It would appear that I deactivated the planar sextant just as Dragon Mountain planeshifted. I will need to cast a ritual to restore us to the material plane. Do not fear. I have done this before.”
After debating for a brief while, the party aquiesced to Zolar’s plan and he cast a planeshift ritual which returned Dragon Mountain to the material plane…only 50 miles from where it previously was located!

Among the treasure was a box with notes: There was a map locating the Cult of the Dragon in the Howling Hills, with sidenotes indicating the Wyrmlord leader of the cult possessed the Red Orb of Dragonkind. Also, there was a contract between a drow house and Infyrana allowing a party of 200 armed drow safe passage thru the mountain in exchange for tribute to Infyrana. Crusher confirmed that the drow had not yet used the mountain for safe passage. But now that the mountain had moved, who knew what this meant…

Crusher returned to warn the party that Clan Wyrmguard was agitating for reprisals against the adventurers and the “weak” Crusher. Things could get messy in Dragon Mountain for the next day or two, and Crusher would rather legitimize his rule without the aid of humans, to appear as kobold-y as possible. Raphael, as the designated human-kobold spokesman, agreed this was the wisest course of action and shared parting words with Crusher, who declared Raphael to be as close to a kobold as an half-elf could be. A high compliment indeed.

With pack beetles and a small troop of kobolds, the party trekked back thru Dragon Mountain, past triggered traps, many dead kobolds, and ruined passageways. Interestingly, the sphere of annihilation was gone, apparently having sunken into the earth leaving behind a circular tunnel. Zolar worried that the drow had taken the sphere.

At last the party emerged in light of day once again. Squinting, they looked across the snow-swept mountains with adventure awaiting them. Triumphant, they descended from Dragon Mountain…


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