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Session #18

A Wandering Encounter & A New Party Member

Last session, the party decided to travel to the ruins of Inverness to retrieve the corpse of the great mage Fastilbras and resurrect him to serve as court wizard. Once this task was finished, they would venture to Bechaeux to secure the border and deal with the fabled Beast of Bechaeux. First things first.

Setting across the Misty Downs, the party encountered a group of bedraggled soldiers dressed as military rangers persecuting elves who’d allegedly served the Alder King in a plot against the King. Two elven scouts had been hung and a third eld – a simple mushroom gatherer – was being prepared to be strung up, After some initial violence to save the elven mushroom gatherer, during which the wood elven archer Carric met the party, Raphael’s silver tongue got the ear of the captain Morakh who turned out to be a mage! Strange because supposedly there were no longer any mages in the King’s service. A truce was called. Morakh told a tale of how he’d been part of a special forces unit that was investigating the wood elven Alder King for six years, having begun his mission under the former King and weathered the civil war, still trying to carry out that mission. Moreover, Morakh explained he was a former apprentice of Fastilbras but had a philosophical difference with the great mage and went his own way a long time ago.

Carric agreed to set aside his mistrust of Morakh and join the party on their venture into the ruins of Inverness, so long as Morakh kept his men from harming the wood elven mushroom gatherer (despite the mushrooms being deadly poisonous). By way of compromise, Morakh turned the elf over to the party’s custody for trial. With the rest of Morakh’s soldiers and the wood elf mushroom gatherer camped outside the ruins, the party entered with Morakh and Carric. It was night, and strange growls echoed thru the ruins of the town. Vy, the tiefling warlock, recalled how Fastilbras was a goetic mage who summoned infernal and celestial beings as a way to test his virtue…was it possible some of his summoning seals had broken down and foul creatures lurked within?

Finding the central tower of Fastilbras’ keep missing save for a bit of rubble and dragon fire scorch marks everywhere, the party decided to delve into one of the side towers. They discovered stairs descending down into a dungeon. Just then a group of wights dressed in the tattered clothes of servants attacked the party, led by a wight in the robes of an apprentice mage. After a brief skirmish, the party was victorious, but decided to bar the tower door behind them just in case. Could a necromancer be afoot? Or an undead-making devil maybe? They descended the wrought iron spiral stairs into the darkness of the dungeon below Inverness…



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