Orbs of Dragonkind



Artifact, +3 Implement (Orb)

Critical: 3d6 (3d10 vs. dragons of corresponding color)

Dragon breath weapon of corresponding color does no damage to the wielder.

Dominate Dragons (At-will)
Standard action; Ranged 20 squares; Targets a dragon of the orb’s color; Attack 1/2 user’s level +8 vs. Will; dominated until released by orb-wielder, the orb wielder is killed/dies, or the orb is destroyed.

Sense Dragons (At-Will)
Full-round action; sense all dragons within 10 miles (100 miles for dragons of corresponding color), and when within 1 mile of a dragon sense its age and exact location.

Dragon Breath Weapon (Daily)
Standard action; Close blast 5 or Ranged 20; Attack 1/2 user’s level +8 vs. Fortitude/Reflex/Will; damage and effects determined by color of the orb.

Terrifying Gaze (Daily)
Standard action; Close blast 10; Attack 1/2 user’s level +8 vs. Will; cannot attack orb wielder (save ends): First Failed Save = 10 ongoing psychic damage (save ends).

As full-round action, link to mental image of 10 thrones, each which represents one of the other orbs of dragonkind. When an orb is being used, the user’s image projects to the “virtual” throne of the corresponding color.

The ancient dragon spirit trapped inside the orb can communicate telepathically within anyone touching the orb.

Unique Minor Abilities
Each orb may possess unique abilities associated with the color of dragon it is bound to. Typically, these abilities only become available to a wielder who pleases the bound dragon spirit. For example, the wielder of the green dragon orb might “unlock” these abilities by being particularly cunning and manipulating enemies against each other, whereas the wielder of the red dragon orb would need to bully lesser creatures and amass great treasure.


Forged in secret centuries ago, when dragons dominated the land, the Orbs of Dragonkind helped humanity drive back the dragons and erect their kingdoms. Allegedly each orb contains the spirit of an ancient dragon. There originally were 5 “chromatic” orbs (white, green, black, blue, red), and 5 “metallic” orbs (copper, bronze, mithral, silver, gold). With the passage of time, however, it is possible orbs exist for rarer colors of dragons.

The great danger of wielding such awesome power is recognized by sages. One who wields an Orb of Dragonkind gains the enmity of dragons of the corresponding color. Also, there are rumors that the ancient dragon spirits of these artifacts can exert subtle control over a wielder. Legends tells of great mages and kings who used an orb to excess and eventually their disposition became the same as that of a dragon.

Orbs of Dragonkind

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