Character Development

Character Relationships

Now that your party has proven itself in the dungeon and our gaming group is established, you might want to think about how your characters relate to each other. Each PC should have a connection to at least two other PCs. You can roll on the tables below, or simply use them for inspiration.

Which Character? (d6)

  1. Kirito
  2. Lily
  3. Miri
  4. Raphael
  5. Tristan
  6. Zolar

Kirito (d6)

  1. Pivotal Event-Murder: You knew one of the families of Kirito’s dead adventuring companions: knight-commander’s son, farmer’s son, dwarven banker’s son. The family still blames Kirito…but what is your view? As the senior adventurer, was Kirito to blame for their death?
  2. Weaponmaster: You have an appreciation for Kirito’s mastery of the blade. Does this show itself by practicing with him? Deferring to his pick of magic weapons from treasure found? Or perhaps you are secretly jealous?
  3. Bloodsworn: It’s a thin line between justice and revenge, even thinner between redemption and guilt. You can tell Kirito is haunted by these things because you are too (or you once were). How have guilt and vengeance played a role in your life? Do you have wisdom to offer Kirito?
  4. Unaligned: You and Kirito have differing ethical / moral views, and may serve as foils for each other. What exactly do you disagree on? Would you ever come to blows or are you resolute allies regardless of your differences?
  5. Sellsword: You’ve come across Kirito’s bloody handiwork before. Apparently he sold his blade to an unsavory noble and when the deal went bad he cut his way out…past dozens of guards and town militia. How has knowing this colored your view of Kirito?
  6. A Foreign Land: Kirito ain’t from these parts. He’s from over there, far away. What’s the name of that place? And what’s it got to do with you?

Lily (d6)

  1. Once a Succubus: You’re strangely drawn to Lily, and your sleep is troubled. You also suspect she is more than a mere human. Do you keep this to yourself or bring it to light? Have you encountered a succubus before?
  2. Imbuer: You’ve come into possession of a magic item of clearly infernal origin (choose a non-consumable item you possess). Why is Lily so unnerved by this item? Discuss.
  3. Elementalist: You respect Lily’s ability to unleash elemental carnage in battle. Do you express your appreciation by spell-dueling? Deferring to her pick of magic items from treasure? Letting her have the “kill shot”?
  4. Lyrandar Wind-Rider: Lily’s storm magic might be dangerous to everyone around her. You met her amidst a thunderstorm which damaged several buildings in Harker’s Ferry. She absorbed the essence of an elder red dragon amidst a planar fire storm (who knows what long-term effects that could have). A supernatural storm of the Wild Hunt followed your party, leading to a violent conflict. Surely not a coincidence? Now what will you do about it?
  5. Primordial Adept: You traversed the “Roil” – a magical pathway thru the Elemental Chaos used by hags and witches – and during your journey you and Lily briefly met. Why did you seek out the “Roil”? And did you part on amicable terms?
  6. Tales of Kthorvinth: You’ve heard a tale during your travels in Kthorvinth of a maiden traveling in a dark wagon drawn by four horses of different colors. They say she lures young men to their doom. What brought you to Kthorvinth? Could this tale be about Lily?

Miri (d6)

  1. Nic’Epona: A long time ago, you met a Nic’Epona horse who helped you. In exchange, it asked you help one of its kind in the future. How did the Nic’Epona help you? And now that you’ve met Miri and her horse, are you looking for a way to fulfill your debt?
  2. Berserker: You encountered berserkers from Miri’s tribe during the civil war. How does your familiarity with hostile berserkers color your views of Miri? If you ran into the berserkers again, what would happen?
  3. Barbarian: You can’t help but admire Miri’s ferocity in battle. Maybe there’s a hint of rage in you too? Do you deny it or do you seek her guidance in letting it out?
  4. Nocturnal: Sometimes Miri disappears at night, going off into the woods alone. You’re concerned that more is going on than “communing with nature.” Could she be a werewolf or in league with dark forces? Or perhaps she’s fallen under the sway of the Wild Hunt?
  5. Animal Master: You encountered Miri’s monkey in the past, and it remembers you. What were the circumstances of that meeting? Did the monkey steal something from you then that you never recovered?
  6. The Highlands: You traveled in the Durghessan Highlands, and dealt with Miri’s horsemasher tribe peacefully. What is your impression of Miri’s tribe? How did you leave relations with her tribe when you left? Did you and Miri meet before?

Raphael (d6)

  1. Half-Elf: You and Raphael crossed paths in the past during a period of human-elven conflict. Were elven innocents being persecuted? Or were elven insurgents preying on humans? Which sides of the conflict were you on?
  2. Wandering Duelist: You ran in with either Raphael or a person he dueled in your past travels. If you dueled each other, what for? If you met someone Raphael dueled, how did they take their defeat?
  3. Bard/Warlord: You heard a tale told by Raphael (or about Raphael) at a tavern. When did you realize that Raphael was the tale-teller (or subject of the tale)? How did this tale shape your opinion of Raphael?
  4. Captain of Fortune: During the Civil War, you encountered or were part of a military unit which was saved by the “Captain of Fortune” who arrived in their hour of need. Do you suspect Raphael was this “Captain of Fortune”? Or are you skeptical of the whole story?
  5. Bregan d’Aerthe: You have had dealings with drow mercenaries called the Bregan d’Aerthe. Did you and Raphael ever cross paths thru the organization? Or were your identities protected by code-names? What is your relationship with the Bregan d’Aerthe now?
  6. A Common Friend: You and Raphael are friends with the same NPC. Who is this NPC? Did you and Raphael meet previously? If so, what were the circumstances?

Tristan (d6)

  1. Revenant: You are driven by some cause. In fact, if you were to die you would likely return as a revenant to see it completed. This is something you and Tristan have in common. How do you view each others’ causes?
  2. Auspicious Birth: You may not realize it, but some significant life event of yours mirrors the circumstances of Tristan’s birth. Does it involve 7 stars aligned? Or perhaps it involves “shining light, darkest heart”? Discuss.
  3. Cavalier: You have encountered cavaliers in service to the Raven Queen before, and recognize Tristan as one of the faithful. What were the circumstances of your encounter? How have they colored your views about Tristan?
  4. Vampire: You’ve had the unfortunate honor of journeying to Barovia, the Demi-plane of Dread, where you resisted Strahd the vampire. However, you recall mention of Tristan’s name then. How did this experience affect your views of Tristan?
  5. Ironwrought: Just as a shard of evil lurks in the Elemental Chaos creating the Abyss, a shard of evil lurks in every warrior who takes the Ironwrought’s oath. In seeking martial perfection, they often become ruthless pragmatists. You’ve encountered fallen Ironwrought before and you are watching Tristan closely for signs of evil.
  6. Tales of Kthorvinth: You’ve heard a tale during your travels in Kthorvinth of Tristan Capri traveling in a dark wagon drawn by four horses of different colors. They say he lures young women to their doom. What brought you to Kthorvinth? Could this tale have any truth?

Zolar (d6)

  1. Deva: You experience a sense of déjà vu around Zolar. Have you encountered Zolar before? Do you believe in reincarnation and past lives? Or do you think it’s some kind of magic trick he’s pulling?
  2. Birth-On Another Plane: You have traveled in the Astral Plane (or at least some of the Outer Planes), and met immortal creatures. What is your impression of the planes? Does this help you understand Zolar’s aloofness?
  3. Wizard: You’ve noticed Zolar has a penchant for reckless magic. You’ve encountered similar “loose cannon” wizards in the past. What were the circumstances? How has this shaped your opinion of magic?
  4. Unseen Mage: During the civil war, you heard of an “unseen mage” sabotaging communications and cracking codes. Zolar’s mastery of invisibility reminds you of this “unseen mage.” Which side did you pick during the civil war? Was the “unseen mage” for or against your side?
  5. Seer: You get the sense that Zolar knows something about your future…but he isn’t telling for some reason. Do you want to know what the future holds? Or do you trust in Zolar’s silent wisdom?
  6. Bahamut: Zolar claims to be an adherent of Bahamut. You aren’t so sure, however. Do you doubt Bahamut’s teachings? Or do you doubt Zolar’s piety? How might this express itself role-playing?

Character Backgrounds

You’ve returned to the king’s castle at Tir Uldeir and amidst the feasting everyone wants to know all about your heroic PCs. Who are these heroes who’ve slain not one, but two dragons? Where did they come from and what have they been doing in the five years since the civil war which put young King Arslein on the throne?

Try to come up with 2 or 3 background elements if you haven’t already. You can roll on the following tables, or simply use them for inspiration.

The Fate Table (d12)

  1. Tragedy: Roll d12 on the Tragedy table.
  2. Fortune: Roll d12 on the Fortune table.
  3. Friend: Roll d12 on the Friend table, and d12 on the Stature sub-table.
  4. Enemy: Roll d12 on the Enemy table, d12 on the Stature sub-table, and d12 on the Intensity sub-table.
  5. Adventure: Roll d12 on the Adventure table.
  6. Mundane Affairs: Roll d12 on the Mundane Affairs table.
  7. Travel: Roll d12 on either the Other Lands or Seafaring table.
  8. Skullduggery: Roll d12 on the Skullduggery table.
  9. Politics: Roll d12 on the Politics table.
  10. The Gods: Roll d12 on the Gods table.
  11. Magical Phenomena: Roll d12 on the Magical Phenomena table.
  12. Pivotal Events: Roll d8 on the Pivotal Events table.

Tragedy (d12)

  1. Own Undoing: You did something terrible and now you regret it.
  2. Falling Out: You and a PC or NPC had a falling out. What happened? You won’t help each other until the difference is resolved.
  3. Notoriety: People tend to respond negatively to you after what happened.
  4. Imprisoned: Were the charges real or made-up that lead to your imprisonment for the better part of a year? If you served your time, lose a Fortune or Ally. If you escaped, gain Notoriety. If you called in a favor to secure your release, you’re indebted to that NPC.
  5. *
  6. Loss: Someone dear to you died – a Friend, companion, or family member – and left a deep mark on you.
  7. Famine/Disease: Your hometown was ravaged by famine/disease, and you may bear some scars or traces of the illness.
  8. Injury: How did you get that permanent wound? How does it interfere with adventuring?
  9. Cursed: You were cursed! Roll on the Curse sub-table.
  10. Vice: Drinking, gambling, or other vices plagued you, and you may be tempted to indulge again (Wisdom check to resist).
  11. Belly Up: Your investments failed or you were cheated of your earnings; lose all gold as well as any lands or business you or your family own.
  12. Amnesia: Either you’ve forgotten who you were, or you can’t account for an entire year of your life.

Curse (d6)

  1. Just Curse: You were cursed to teach you humility and virtue. When you act in a way which is not Lawful Good lose a healing surge.
  2. Geased: You were cursed to perform a witch’s will. Fatal illness gets worse if you do not work to fulfill the terms of the geas.
  3. Evil Eye: Contagious bad luck follows you. You and your party have minor bad luck until the evil eye is removed.
  4. Cursed Soul: Your soul is promised to a devil or other dark spirit. You cannot be raised from the dead as normal, instead it requires bargaining with devil/dark spirit.
  5. The Riddle: You were cursed until you answer a specific riddle. -5 Wisdom-based checks until you answer the riddle, but each mistake move you closer to madness, lowering your Wisdom score by -1 (at least until the riddle is solved…)
  6. Kingslayer’s Curse: A prophecy was revealed that you are cursed to kill a king, and prophets advise monarchs to move against you.

Fortune (d12)

  1. Heroic Deed: A heroic deed you performed has far-reaching implications.
  2. Scruffy: How’d you get that animal companion?
  3. Fame: What happened to make you the talk of the town?
  4. Virtue: You’ve consistently chosen the moral high ground, and can often convince NPCs of your virtue.
  5. Indebted: An NPC owes you big time.
  6. Bountiful Harvest: Your hometown prospered and you have a hearty and hale complexion.
  7. Founding: You established a new town, church, guild, or other site. Inform the DM.
  8. Noble Title: You earned a minor title, a knighthood or baronet(ess).
  9. Blessing: When you wake up you have 2 action points – who do you have to thank for this blessing?
  10. Secret Discovery: Roll on the Secret Discovery sub-table and consult the DM.
  11. Windfall: You gain something valuable; roll on the Windfall sub-table.
  12. Initiation: You’re invited to join a group; choose from the Groups & Guilds sub-table (under the Friend/Enemy tables).

Secret Discovery (d12)

  1. Past Unearthed: A mystery from your past was answered…though perhaps it created another mystery.
  2. Vistani Fortune-teller: A Vistani gave you a reading. Draw a card from the Harrow Deck.
  3. The Dawn Dragon: Learn of the impending threat from the Empire of the Dawn Dragon.
  4. Treason: Learn of the plot against King Arslein.
  5. The Alder King’s Daughter: Learn a secret of the Alder King’s daughter.
  6. The Pontiff: Learn what befell the Conclave to elect a new Pontiff.
  7. Planar Pathways: Learn about Sigil, Yggdrasil, the Roil, the theoretical Ethereal Plane, or the Goblin Labyrinth.
  8. Last Witch Queen: Learn what befell the Witch Queens of old.
  9. The War Marchine: Learn of Suleistarn’s wicked device.
  10. Beast of Bechaeux: Learn about the nature of the ‘Beast.’
  11. Witchfinder: Learn of the spy in the Arcane Underground.
  12. Royal Secret: Learn the secret of the royal family.

Windfall (d6)

  1. Document: Gain a helpful document – an inheritance claim, safe passage, king’s pardon, adventurer’s charter, treasure map, etc.
  2. Treasure: Gain goods worth 2d12 x 100 gold – are these from your family? a business?
  3. Mount/Vehicle: Gain a level appropriate mount or vehicle.
  4. Magic Item: Gain an heirloom level appropriate magic item.
  5. Boon: Gain a level appropriate boon (see DDi or Adventurer’s Vault 2).
  6. Property: Gain a small stronghold (see Dragon #395).

Friend (d10)

Roll on the Stature sub-table as well

  1. Contact: Roll or choose on the Contacts table.
  2. Romance: Roll or choose on the Romance table.
  3. Relative/Long Lost Family: A cousin, aunt/uncle, or niece/nephew becomes a friend.
  4. Mentor: A wise elder who instructs or looks after you.
  5. Companion/Henchman: A brave soul who wishes to join your adventures.
  6. Like a kid brother/sister: Someone you look after as well as tease.
  7. Old Childhood Friend: Someone who knows you well but you haven’t seen in years.
  8. Kindred Spirit: You haven’t known each other long, but you have a soul connection.
  9. Old Enemy: Bygones are bygones – old rivalries become funny stories.
  10. Ambiguous: You and your friend are on different sides, but they’ll help in a pinch.

Contacts (d3)

  1. Influence: They can pull strings for you pertaining to their stature (e.g. a duke, a thieves’ guild master, or a foreign ambassador).
  2. Information: They have superb knowledge in their field of expertise (e.g. a street urchin, a spy in the royal court, or a sage).
  3. Skill: They can perform services or crafts to aid in your adventures (e.g. a blacksmith, a priest of healing, or an alchemist).

Romance (D10)

  1. Promiscuous: Your affections are fickle and free; you gain a reputation as a home-breaker and ace of hearts. If this goes against your faith or character, treat this result as Serious (below).
  2. Serious: You court someone seriously for a year or more. Are you happily married now? Do you have children?
  3. Pagan Rites: You participate in pagan fertility rites like Beltaine, and may have a child. However, if this goes against your faith or character, treat this result as Serious (above).
  4. Hot Rivalry: Though your lover is a dangerous rival, you also have a tumultuous affair. Sparks fly whenever they’re around.
  5. Star-crossed: Forces beyond your control cause you and your love to part ways, such as irreconcilable differences, rival noble houses, war, etc.
  6. Strictly Business: Whether it’s an arranged marriage or helping a foreigner get citizenship, romance doesn’t have anything to do with it… right?
  7. Heartbreak: Your beloved leaves you for another, rejects you, joins a monastery…
  8. Lingering Flame: Though it didn’t work out, you both still have feelings for one another. This may be problematic if they’re settled now.
  9. Tragic Love: Everything was going great until tragedy struck. Did they die? Mysteriously disappear? Turn to the dark side?
  10. True Love: You’ve found your true love. Are you together or must you be apart?

Enemy (d12)

Roll on the Stature table and Intensity sub-tables as well

  1. Ex-Friend/Lover: Something pushed you apart – betrayal? strife? tragedy?
  2. Patron/Mentor: You didn’t finish the mission or they’re just out to screw you.
  3. Dark Side: A former ally or acquaintance turns to the dark side.
  4. Rival: A competitor for affections, treasure, or prestige.
  5. Misguided: Somehow they’re convinced you did something evil and they’re doing good.
  6. It’s just business: Money and politics have made you enemies.
  7. Bigotry: From race to religion, the animosity stems from stereotypes.
  8. Nemesis: An old face who you defeated or foiled before has returned.
  9. Deceiver: Took advantage of you with a cunning scam (or vice versa).
  10. Monster: A rampaging fiend or sadistic killer you swore to take down.
  11. Authorities: Rightly or wrongly, you’ve fallen on the bad side of the law.
  12. Mysterious Enemy: Roll on the Mysterious Enemy sub-table (+3 stature if it applies).

Mysterious Enemy (d4)

  1. Secret Identity: A powerful person who hides behind a secret identity.
  2. It’s You!: Somehow a duplicate of you is out there and wants to kill you.
  3. Incarnate: Embodiment of Death, Fate, Justice, or some other eternal truth.
  4. Dark Powers: A malign entity seeks your downfall… Is it an Archfey? A Demon Prince? Dread Lord? Far Realm Horror? Primordial? Dark God?

Intensity (d8, Enemies only)

  1. Annoyed: It rubs you the wrong way to be around each other, and you’ll trade quips and barbs without restraint.
  2. Stand Offish: You’ll oppose each other on principal, just to frustrate them.
  3. Ignore: You don’t have anything to say to each other – the other person might as well not even be alive.
  4. Angry: Proximity to this enemy leads to inevitable arguments.
  5. Violent: A fight will erupt between you two, unless someone intervenes.
  6. Hot Murder: All bets are off and so are the gloves – only one will leave alive.
  7. Cold Murder: If you see each other, you’ll begin drawing up schemes for death.
  8. Ruination: Whatever you have to do to bring each other down.

Stature (d12, Friends and Enemies)

  1. Individual: This person has no pull, only him or herself.
  2. Family/Clan: A tightly-knit group is willing to lay down their lives for this person.
  3. Minor Figure: A local hero or minor noble who can draw on a town’s resources.
  4. Major Figure: A famous hero or major noble with a province’s resources.
  5. Military: Someone with ties to the redcoats or other military unit.
  6. Criminal: Someone with ties to the underworld and smugglers.
  7. Religious: Someone with ties to the moderate temple and Holy See.
  8. Arcane: Someone with ties to wizard circles and sorceress lodges.
  9. Powerful: Someone powerful unto themselves like an archmage or a dragon.
  10. Groups & Guilds: Ties with an organization (consult the Groups & Guilds sub-table).
  11. International: Ties to ruler of another kingdom (consult the Other Lands sub-table)
  12. Royalty: A member of the Banner Marches’ royal family (consult the Royal Family sub-table).

Groups & Guilds (d12)

  1. Temple (Sinerites): Anti-magic extremists with backing by the Pontiff.
  2. Coven: Order of witches both benevolent and malevolent.
  3. Order of the Chimera: Human supremacists dissenting against King Arslein.
  4. Ghostwalkers: Terrorist-bandits fighting for rights of elves, dwarves, shifters, etc.
  5. Thieves’ Guild: Organized crime based in Dundamere but its long arm stretches everywhere.
  6. Cult of the Dragon: Fanatic cult revering dragons as gods.
  7. Merchant Marine: International traders, loan-sharks/bankers, and expert navigators.
  8. Wizard’s Circle/Sorceress’ Lodge: A fraternity and sorority for male and female mages, tending to wield their power for political motives behind the scenes.
  9. Arcane Underground: Help runaway mages from Suleistarn & smuggle magic.
  10. Knightly Order, Monastic: Knights of the Chalice, and Knights of the See.
  11. Knightly Order, Chivalric: Knights of the Crown, Knights of the Rose, and Knights of Merit.
  12. King’s Special Forces: Sometimes called the “Blackcloaks”, these elite soldiers are trained to carry out secret missions.

Royal Family (d12)

  1. Dowager Queen Deionara:
  2. Prince Tuirean:
  3. Lady Arabeth:
  4. Princess Merisende:
  5. Ser Cadeyrn:
  6. Reverend Mother Celonwy:
  7. King Arslein:
  8. Duke Edgarth:
  9. Duchess Morgause:
  10. Lord Eulric:
  11. Lady Iolande:
  12. Cedrath the Exile:

Adventure (d12)

  1. Broken Oaths: A cadre of knights refuse to swear fealty to King Arslein and instead support the King’s brother Duke Edgarth. It’s too convenient that the Duke is on his deathbed…his daughter Lady Iolande is next in line.
  2. Call to Arms: You are called upon by the King and Prince Regent to help eliminate a war band of pillaging hobgoblins once hired by the tyrant prince as mercenaries. The canny hobgoblin chief has proof of the debt the office of the king owes.
  3. Cult of the Risen King: A firebrand cleric has common folk convinced that the King is a divine savior foretold by prophesy. The Pontiff will have none of it and sends an inquisitor to make the cleric recant.
  4. Deserters:
  5. Elves Bleed Red:
  6. King’s Tournament:
  7. Paldaran Refugees:
  8. Spy in Suleistarn:
  9. Strigha’s Shadow:
  10. Tax Evasion:
  11. Uprising:
  12. Witch Pogrom:

Mundane Affairs(d12)

  1. Taxes: The taxman charges you 10% of your net worth.
  2. Legal Dispute: You are involved in a legal dispute in a small court that either was never satisfactorily resolved or left a stain on your honor.
  3. Troublesome Neighbors: You just wanted some peace and quiet, but your irksome neighbors have been making that impossible.
  4. Working Away: Earn 1d6 x 100 gold at your “day job”.
  5. A Story is Told…: A bard is making up stories about your character and later you’ll have to deal with the inflated reputation.
  6. Children: You devote your time to raising children (your own or another’s).
  7. Mundane Skill: Learn a non-adventuring trade like that of the mason, tailor, scribe, singer, smith, carpenter, farmer, engineer, jeweler, etc.
  8. Animal Husbandry: Gain a herd of cattle, goats, sheep, horses, or pigs.
  9. Carousing: You drink dwarves under the table and get eladrin to crack a smile. Tavern-keepers know you by name and you’re hard pressed to find a tavern that doesn’t welcome you.
  10. Among Another Race: Gain a bonus racial language like Elven or Dwarven.
  11. :
  12. :

Other Lands (d12)

  1. Cascadene, Empire of the Dawn Dragon: You ventured across the sea to the mysterious theocratic empire. Gain Cascadenean as a bonus language.
  2. Tarqinia: You journeyed to the decadent eastern tiefling maritime suzerainty. Gain Tarqinian as a bonus language.
  3. Kthorvinth: You journeyed to the stormy loch land of isolated warring lords and ancient evils. Gain Kthorvinthi as a bonus language.
  4. Suleistarn: You journeyed to the industrial magocracy ruled by tyrannical archmage. Gain Suleistarni as a bonus language.
  5. Paldara: You journeyed to the arid southwestern goliath warrior kingdom. Gain Giant as a bonus language.
  6. Urelgaine: You journeyed to the western marshland ruled by the Witch Queen. Gain Urelgainen as a bonus language.
  7. Durghess: You journeyed to the northern land ruled by dwarves guarding trapped demons. Gain Durghessan or Dwarven as a bonus language.
  8. Lost Imandel: You journeyed to the fallen western elven lands overrun by undead. Gain Elven as a bonus language.
  9. The Vistani: You journeyed with the Vistani who travel during spring and summer by caravan. Gain Vistani as a bonus language.
  10. Arszudanri: You descended into the Underdark gnomish realm. Gain Elven or Deep Speech as a bonus language.
  11. Seafaring: Roll d12 on the Seafaring sub-table.
  12. The Planes: You ventured to another plane connected to the world. Gain a bonus language according to the plane you visited.

Seafaring (d12)

  1. Serpent’s Teeth: You spent time in the southeast island chain, a haven for pirates and smugglers. Gain Pirates’ Pidgin as a bonus language.
  2. Sea People: You dealt with the enchanting “Sea People” (mer-folk, sea elves, sirens).
  3. Mutiny: You were involved in a mutiny. What happened? Is the captain still alive?
  4. Pirates: Your ship was attacked by pirates. Did you fight them off? Were you press-ganged? Did you luckily escape?
  5. The Vortex: Your ship was dragged thru a giant whirpool into the watery Abyss. How did you escape?
  6. Naval Boarding: You were boarded by unfriendly officers of the Empire of the Dawn Dragon looking for smuggled goods/people. Were you smuggling?
  7. Shipwreck: You were shipwrecked on a mysterious island during a storm. How did the island change you?
  8. Scavenged Ship: You laid claim to a wrecked schooner which needed 1,000 gp in repairs.
  9. Buried Treasure: Gain an art object worth 1,500 gp. Unfortunately it’s cursed; roll on the Curse sub-table.
  10. Tattoo: You got an unusual tattoo with an interesting story behind it.
  11. Port of Call: During your time at sea, you stopped in many ports and have acquaintances scattered across the world.
  12. Fountain of Youth: You found the mystic island Averonea with the legendary fountain of youth. It cured all your ills and added years to your life.

Skullduggery (d12)

  1. :
  2. :
  3. Tomb Raiding: Begin with a treasure map of a tomb. However, ancient guardians of the tomb’s secrets will try to stop you.
  4. Framed: You were framed for a crime you did not commit. Are you still wanted somewhere?
  5. Magic Smuggling: Begin with 1d4 potions, scrolls, or other consumable magic items, however the city watch will keep a close eye on you.
  6. :
  7. :
  8. :
  9. :
  10. :
  11. :
  12. :

Politics (d12)

  1. Murderer or Freedom Fighter:
  2. Insurrection:
  3. High Justice:
  4. Royal Treasury:
  5. Trade Dispute:
  6. Secret Mission:
  7. Paldaran Border Skirmish:
  8. Princess Merisende’s Suitor:
  9. Hostage Exchange:
  10. :
  11. :
  12. :

Magical Phenomena (d12)

  1. The Wild Hunt: You were abducted by the Wild Hunt and compelled to ride with them! So how the hell did you escape?
  2. Magical Slumber: What caused you to fall into a deep sleep? And how did a friend rescue you?
  3. Blood Mage Cult: You tangled with a blood mage cult, and while the cult is dispersed now, you’ve been tainted with blood magic. Mages, clerics, and others sensitive to blood magic can sense its taint on you.
  4. Shadow Fey Market: You found a shadow fey market. You can trade any one of the following things for a level appropriate wondrous magic item: your firstborn child, your reflection, 10 years of life (reduce your life expectancy), a bite of faerie fruit (the next time you travel to the Feywild you cannot leave), your body when you die (can’t be resurrected), or a kiss (become increasingly enamored with that shadow fey over time).
  5. Wizard’s Circle/Sorceress Lodge Quest: A secretive sorceress lodge or wizard’s circle teleported you to their enclave to give you a minor quest to retrieve some unusual components. Complete this quest for +2,000 XP and 2,000 gp divided among your party.
  6. Meteor Shower: You witnessed a meteor shower supposedly summoned by the Archmage Ep-Alsayeez of Suleistarn – it was dazzling to behold. You gain +5 defenses against the Archmage’s minute meteors spell.
  7. Spirit: You encountered a minor spirit (elemental, fey, or infernal), and learned its True Name, allowing you to summon it at will. However, it is a fickle being and may or may not help you.
  8. Gnomish Tinkers: The gnomish workshop “Dunderbund & Sons” took a commission from you…with unexpected results.
  9. Ritual Lore: You gained a trove of ritual lore – learn 3 rituals OR gain the benefit of a 10th level or less ritual for free. Did you apprentice under the great mage Fastilbras? Did you receive inheritance from a wizard relative? Did you steal it?
  10. Lady of the Lake: The Lady of the Lake revealed herself to you and, if you are Good-aligned, presented you with a quest you need to complete in order to obtain an artifact (discuss with DM).
  11. Resurrected: You died, yet somehow you returned to life. What were the circumstances (if you remember)? Did your allies scrape together gold for a raise dead ritual? Or were stranger forces at work?
  12. Immortality: You will never die from old age. How did this come about?

The Gods (d12)

  1. Sun King:
    If this describes you, gain Pelor’s Boon until you level. Otherwise, your light sources have an annoying tendency to go out until you aid a farming community.
  2. Moon Queen: The Moon Queen is a 3-faced goddess: The worried face protects the sanctity of women, motherhood, and oaths, while the sublime face seeks out secrets and reveals truths. If this describes you, gain Sehanine’s Boon until you level. On the other hand, the imperious face lashes out against oath-breakers, liars, and those who conceal the truth; if this describes you, you’re stricken mute until you atone.
  3. Reaper:
  4. Green Maiden: The Maiden appears in two aspects: green and grey. As the Green Maiden, she is a protector of the natural world and animals, an innocent bringer of wisdom through observation. She favors rangers, druids, elves, children and child-like races, virgins, and lycanthropes; if this describes you, gain Melora’s Boon until you level. Otherwise, roll twice for random encounters in the wilderness until you perform a quest involving protection of nature.
  5. Grey Maiden: The Maiden appears in two aspects: green and grey. As the Grey Maiden she plays a valkyrie-like role, shepherding the fortunate dead to the blessed afterlife and acting as a protector of the virtuous. She favors valorous heroes, paladins, and healers; if this describes you, gain the Raven Queen’s Boon until you level. However, if you are cowardly or have a selfish outlook, gain no benefit from armor/shields until you perform a selfless quest.
  6. Crone: A weaver of destinies and taker of lives, mother of monsters and of heroes, the Crone is wise but crafty. She favors seers, witches, those who have nearly died, tragic heroes, and seekers of spiritual wisdom; if this describes you, gain a vision of the future warning you of danger: you can re-roll once on any one of these tables. If this doesn’t describe you, suffer a curse (roll on the Curse sub-table).
  7. Trickster: Appearing as a fox, a mischievous gnome, and a winsome gambler, the Trickster never does the same thing twice, always seeking new horizons. He favors those who live by their wits, bards, artists, star-crossed lovers, and the underdog; if this describes you, gain Avandra’s Boon until you level. Otherwise, treat all natural 20’s you roll as if they were 1’s until you appease the Trickster.
  8. Builder: A creator of civilizations and legacies as well as monuments, the Builder favors regents, architects, engineers, tradesmen, and dwarves; if this describes you, gain either Erathis’ Boon or Moradin’s Boon until you level.
  9. Warrior: He favors fighters, those who make sacrifices, uncompromising characters,
    those who don’t back down no matter the odds, and monster-slayers; if this describes you, gain Kord’s Boon until you level. Otherwise, you suffer -20 initiative until you defeat an equal enemy in single combat.
  10. Blessed Saints:
    If this describes you, gain Ioun’s Boon until you level.
  11. Shadow King: He favors pragmatists, ambitious or evil-aligned characters, tyrants, and anyone plotting revenge; if this describes you, gain Asmodeus’ Boon until you level. Otherwise, you fail all Stealth checks until you visit the temple of one of the other gods, or take an action which benefits you at the expense of an ally.
  12. Dawn Dragon:
    If this describes you, gain Bahamut’s Boon until you level.

Character Development

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