Princess Merisende

A bard with a dark past, King Arslein's aunt


A 25-year old red-haired woman with sad eyes but a ready smile, Merisende is much loved at court. For several years, Merisende traveled beyond the Banner Marches, learning the ways of the bard, and only recently returned with a gift of 4 hippogriffs for the king’s birthday. She is a devout chanteur (singer) in the temple, oversees bringing musicians to the king’s court, and helps to manage the castle‚Äôs dovecote.

There are dark rumors that Merisende was once cursed as the Strigha (a ravenous semi-undead monster). Most would dismiss such claims out of hand, except that the “Blackcloaks” have paid a visit to anyone claiming the Princess is a monster. What happens behind closed doors is unknown, but the rumors quickly fade after the “Blackcloaks” get involved.

Princess Merisende

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